Browns vs Eagles – The Game All Fantasy Owners Should Watch Closely

Browns vs Eagles – The Game All Fantasy Owners Should Watch Closely

If you’re a gamer looking to take home the fantasy football crown in 2016, the Browns vs Eagles game is one you should be watching in week 1. Why? There’s a lot of unknown with these two teams. For this reason, both the Eagles and Browns have very low fantasy ownership in week 1. Sure, these teams could easily be a wasteland for fantasy points…. but either could just a easily be a gold mine.

For starts, both of these defenses are beatable. That alone, is cause for weekly plug in consideration.

Cleveland Browns

Terrell Pryor – If this wasn’t TP the QB playing in a WR position…. his value would be much higher. Take all the jokes and hype away, and this is a 6’4″ WR who is FAST, starting the season as the #1 deep threat for the Browns. Largely unowned in fantasy leagues. I guess the notion is that Josh Gordon will come back and TP will be relegated to sidekick status. RGIII is a talented player. If he’s able to gain some momentum and live up to his huge potential… both Gordon and Pryor will be viable fantasy football assets. And that’s when Gordon can stay on the field. Luckily for the Browns, they only travel to one US State where the sticky icky is semi-legal. But Josh Gordon is probably high right now so… Pryor could be the Browns mainstay at WR. Lets put it like this, if you wouldn’t bet your money than Josh Gordon can clean up, you’re already a Pryor fan.

RGIII is the epitome of a “breakout player.” Hugely talented, things just didn’t work out with his old team, injuries complicated things, gets a fresh start later down the road and is now under valued. I wouldn’t take it to the bank just yet (I’m higher on Dak), but RGIII is a guy that I want to watch. If he starts tearing through defenses like they aren’t even there… do not hesitate to roster this guy as a #2 or #3 QB. The QB position, like the RB position, can fluctuate quite a bit throughout an NFL season. Just ask Tony Romo or Big Ben or Jay Cutler or Teddy Bridgewater or…etc. QB’s miss time. If RGIII can put it together with these WRs, not only would he be a viable starter but he’ll also be attractive trade bait for the owner who just lost his starter (a la Peyton Manning). Player values fluctuate a lot from year to year and we could be at the marches of RGIII rise to power. If not; hold, drop, rinse, repeat.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles WRs – Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Rueben Randle, Josh Huff… Green-Beckham… none of these guys have been high on anyone’s draft board. Carson Wentz taking over at QB. This entire offense is a huge question mark. No one really knows how they are going to fair in 2016. And outside of Jordan Matthews, every one of them is likely unowned in every fantasy league. Someone’s going to catch the ball here. It won’t be just 1 or 2 guys. A breakout player could come from this group of motley Eagles.

Ryan Mathews – This dude is going to rake up fantasy points right up until he falls apart. With Wentz under center, that probably adds a few more carries to Ryan Mathews stats. Ryan Mathews is a great RB… but he’s often injured. IF he could put a full season together he’d be a top 10RB. Alas, that’s not going to happen. Enjoy the Ryan Mathews show while it lasts, because the Eagles are going to ride him like a rental sports car. A side note… Mathews is the perfect cover for Levion Bell owners.

Zach Ertz is finally going to breakout? Maybe. A young QB generally loves his TE. One thing is for sure, this guy should be the #1 red zone target for the Eagles in 2016. That is, if you are of the mind that Green-Beckham isn’t up to speed on the Eagles Offense ofter his short-sale from Tennessee.

Sleeper – Remember the name Wendall Smallwood. He’s the Eagles new rookie RB. This is a guy who may not see much action until mid season, but is the likely runner up once Ryan Mathews bows out of the 2016 season prematurely. There’s a lot of fantasy owners who have no clue who this guy is so keep your eye on how this rushing attack preforms against the Browns.

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