Dwayne Washington Moves Up Depth Chart

Dwayne Washington Moves Up Depth Chart

I think Washington is one of the best waiver RB going into week 3. With Abdullah on IR for at least 8 weeks, you know you’ll get as many games out of him IF he breaks out.

I like the size and speed. 4.44 speed is legit. Looked fast in the preseason when he scored on a 96yd kick return. Was kind of a home run hitter for Washington. Not sure how that will translate to the pro game though. I’ve also read that he’s a good receiver, but fumbles. Regardless, due to his size, speed and playmaking ability Washington has been compared to David Johnson (worth noting).

What I really like about Washington, is Riddick is in no way a 3 down back. He had to get a concussion test just last week. He’s always been dinged up. He’s never had more than 43 carries in a season and the Lions want to use him more for passing situations. Washington is the guy who’s in line for a lot of work. The Lions want to use a 2 back system. He’ll likely just step into Abdullah’s spot in the Lions Offense so the O stays the same, plus goal line situations. For anyone paying attention, Abdullah was the #1 rusher on the Lions Offense. If Dwayne Washington steps into that “spot,” meaning taking Abdullah’s place in certain plays, would that not make him the #1 rusher? Zenner (who’s been a healthy scratch weeks 1 &2) will likely step up Washington’s workload; 6 carries in 2 games.

Lastly, having Matt Stafford as your QB helps. Without Calvin, the Lions have thrown to RBs more this year. And you won’t see the Lions RBs getting the Todd Gurley Treatment with Stafford at the helm. There will be room to run.

If you look at the other waiver guys;

Fozzy.. only starting for a few weeks
McKennon… similar situation with a lesser QB
Ajayi… Foster who knows when he’s coming back
Asiata… Likely steels McKennon’s TDs
McCluster… we kind of know what to expect of him and he’s not as good as Woodhead imo

A case could be made that Washington has the best opportunity to breakout.

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