Open Season – Broncos vs Panthers Review

Open Season – Broncos vs Panthers Week 1 Review

What a game to open up the 2016 NFL Season! This Super Bowl was an absolute battle. Chalk this 21-20 win up to the Broncos Defense and CJ Anderson. There were a ton of questions going into this game that are now answered;

Who is Trevor Siemian? He had some bumps against a great Panthers Defense, but he’s proven capable to play at the NFL Level. The Broncos as a team, are a contender. Siemian has the look of a QB who will improve as the season goes on.

Sanders and Thomas Owners have to be furious right now. 12 fantasy points between the 2 of them. Siemian spread the ball around quite a bit and only threw 26 times. There’s nothing here that suggests Sanders or Thomas will be elite fantasy WRs in 2016. They’ll have some big games… but they’ll be difficult to predict. Trade these guys as #1WRs soon as they get in the end zone… which may or may not be next week.

What Broncos RB will lead the pack? CJ Anderson went off in week 1, totaling 92 yards on 20 carries and a score. In addition to 4 receptions for 47 yards and a score. Booker fumbled on his first carry which will help CJ’s cause to tote the rock… CJ Anderson Owners must be pleased.

Can the Bronco’s D be as good as 2015? Yes… absolutely. This is an elite defensive unit and they will win some games by D alone. Their fantasy score for week 1 left much to be desired.

Who is Virgil Green? Siemian missed got a ball batted down in the endzone intended for Virgil Green. VG went 4 for 28 and appear to be a viable intermediate target. That TD would have been nice, but VG’s coming out party will have to wait another week. It’s coming… brace yourself. Guessing when will be a problem…. Siemian spread the ball around fairly evenly tonight.

Who’s the Panther’s WR to own? Kelvin Benjamin is a beast. This guy could be a top 5 WR in 2016… if he can stay on the field. It’s exciting to think about what KB is going to do to the Falcons, Buccaneers and Saints.

Can the Panther’s D be as good as 2015? Even though they just lost, this is a fine defensive unit. Like KB, they are going to give NFC South division mates hell. Roll with Carolina D with confidence.

Super Cam looked like he got into a little kryptonite this evening. He got roughed up and looked frustrated several times. Newton was seen limping on the sidelines and working with training staff. Keep a close eye on Cam’s health in 2016. He won’t face off against the Broncos every week, but his playing style opens him up to a lot of contact. As long as he’s healthy he’s an every week stud. He got it done on the ground and the air today. His rushing ability sets him apart from most other NFL QBs and therefore gives fantasy owners an advantage.

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