How to Win Fantasy Football

How to Win Fantasy Football

So you want to learn how to WIN Fantasy Football? How to consistently navigate through the gauntlet on the NFL season, while outscoring and humiliating the competition? Win big money leagues? If so then keep reading. Below are detailed strategies that serious fantasy football gamers employ, and don’t want you to know!

Though fantasy football is an open competition, so technically, anything can happen… there are many things you can do that give your team a serious advantage over your league mates. What you’re about to read here is a rare look into what it takes to “out game a gamer” or “play a player” in the world of fantasy football… if you are looking for advice on specific NFL Players, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Here are some of the best tips for winning a fantasy football league;

1) Understand Fantasy Football Player Values

The number one thing you can do to help you win fantasy football is to understand NFL player values. Period. So where to start? You could reed the ever changing player rankings that are published online or in magazines. But usually these just confuse ones judgement. This information is someone’s opinion and nothing more. Sometimes they are well thought out, sometimes not. This best way to identify values for yourself… is look at each NFL Team’s offense and ask yourself…

  • who’s doing the scoring?
  • who is the center piece for this offense?
  • who are the primary roll players in this offense?
  • who are the secondary roll players in this offense?

Answer these questions correctly, tier them up and you will have identified the true value of these players. Research the NFL teams, and their local media outlets. If a new player or a rookie is being expected to handle a sizable workload, you’ll find that player is being talked about by the coaches, staff and journalists. Research if there are any new plays with special abilities; speed, hands, play making ability, height, jumping ability…etc. And if there is a player that falls in this class, what roll will they have on their team? Back up? Starter? Look for new names getting rave reviews, making eye popping plays practicing with the FIRST TEAM offense.

2) Understand your Leagues Scoring System

Each fantasy football league may score differently so know this value system. Look at positions like Defense, Kickers and Special Teams. Some leagues don’t score much for special teams, some score special teams points in the Defense category and some give special team points to the individual player.

Point per Reception (PPR) Leagues change the landscape of the draft by adding value to any position that catches passes. In PPR Leagues, pass catching #1 running backs are pure gold. There are only a handful of duel threat #1 running backs in the NFL and there’s not enough to go around. These players are normally all selected in the first round… but, you might be able to find an emerging star in you look hard enough.

3) Understand Position Depth

Position Depth is huge when drafting your team. A shallow position is one where there is a small number of productive players… like the TE position in 2014. In 2014 there were only 5 or 6 viable tight ends that scored 6 or more points on a regular basis. While many TEs were hit or miss all season. But in retrospect, the WR position was very deep this year and many young WRs stepped to to be a weekly threat.

4) Obtaining Breakout Players

Oh my favorite part of winning fantasy football leagues… hitting on the Zero to Hero guys. Usually the combination to look for here is talent and opportunity. To be a fantasy football “stud”, a player has to score points and in order to do that, he has to have the ball in his hands. So when looking for breakout players, look for the guys falling to the 5-10 rounds that are going to get the ball A LOT. Emphasis on A LOT. You have to see through the hype, into the practices, pre-season games, and reports, and find the true value which is talent and touches. Check the depth charts and follow to touch counts. An NFL player can have rock bottom value one week, put up 200+ yards and a couple scores in a game and his value skyrockets to the moon overnight. By the time this happens, the opportunity to own this player for low value has passed.

5) NFL Coach Spotting

  • Know your NFL Coaches and the strategies they deploy;
  • Andy Reid loves throwing to the RB position
  • Pete Carroll hitched his wagon firmly to the Russell Wilson Train
  • Jon Fox rides comfortable on the Peyton Manning Train
  • Chip Kelly wants to speed up the game/snap count which did wonders for his kickers production
  • Mike Smith didn’t really have a plan
  • Coaches with Elite Passers didn’t run a lot
  • Coaches with bad QBs couldn’t run a lot
  • Top rushing teams often have tier 2 or tier 3 starting QBs.
  • Mike Tomlin’s offenses are very productive
  • Bill Belichick’s offenses are very productive, but impossible to predict